Intelligence Augmentation Platform Retrocausal Secures $5.3 Million in New Funding

We are excited to share the news of our seed investment in Retrocausal, a leading platform provider for manufacturing process management. Glasswing Ventures co-led an oversubscribed $5.3M round of new funding with One Way Ventures and Indicator Ventures, along with participation from existing investors Argon Ventures, Differential Ventures, Ascend Vietnam Ventures, Incubate Fund US, SaaS Ventures, Hypertherm Ventures, Stage Venture Partners, and Techstars. The funding will be used to meet the rapid and increased market demand for its proprietary generative AI technology, Retrocausal’s Kaizen Copilot software for Manufacturing Assembly Optimization.

Retrocausal’s industry-first solution addresses a looming crisis in manufacturing: by 2030, a skills gap could leave 2.1 million jobs unfilled, risking over $1 trillion in losses in 2030 alone. This alarming situation, the result of the industry’s struggle to find workers with the right technical skills, reflects a dramatic economic shift decades in the making. In the early 1990s, manufacturing constituted about 16% of the U.S. workforce – today, that number is just over 8%. Manufacturers attempt to bridge this gap by hiring temporary operators, a segment with 16% year-over-year growth. However, this approach has led to poorer quality outputs, resulting in a 15-20% average revenue loss. With 77% of manufacturers experiencing difficulties in hiring and retention, Retrocausal’s solution emerges as a critical intervention for an industry at a crossroads, promising to reshape the future of manufacturing.

Retrocausal’s Copilot software revolutionizes manufacturing efficiency by shattering traditional barriers to workforce training and productivity. Imagine a novice worker transforming into a proficient operator within an astonishing five minutes, delivering results comparable to months of intensive training. This is the power of Copilot: a 25% surge in First Time Yields (FTY) and a staggering 90% slash in assembly-related scrap costs.

This transformative technology extends its impact beyond individual performance. It equips production supervisors and junior industrial engineers with the capability to radically overhaul workstation design and re-balance assembly lines. The result is groundbreaking, with a significant reduction in required operator headcount and the elimination of costly bottlenecks culminating in a 35% increase in value per operator. Retrocausal’s software is not just an innovation but a paradigm shift in manufacturing, ushering in a new era of operational excellence and profitability. 

As proud first-capital-in investors in Retrocausal, we are thrilled to support co-founders Zeeshan Zia, CEO, Andrey Konin, Chief Architect and Quoc-Huy Tran, CTO, along with the entire team in their mission to address the acute manufacturing labor gap and enhance manufacturing assembly optimization. We look forward to partnering with our fellow investors in the upcoming exciting chapter of Retrocausal’s expansion.

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