April 26, 2019

Glasswing + Narrative: Reinventing Data Transactions with the Launch of a New Automated Digital Marketplace

We are excited to announce that Narrative, a next-generation platform company for data acquisition, monetization, management and strategy creation is now part of the Glasswing portfolio. The rise of AI and a growing need for businesses to access and deploy data has exposed a real and widespread problem that Narrative is addressing: Buyers of third-party data have been limited to working with pre-packaged data “segments” that only partially address their data needs. These data segments offer little to no visibility of the data source and collection methods of suppliers. And they require a time-consuming manual process to deploy, that can take days of set up.

Narrative offers a software-centric solution which uses “signals” to process and procure data. ​That means companies looking to acquire more data get exactly what they need for their businesses in real time. For sellers of data, Narrative’s platform helps them package and transport data in a way that is useful and actionable. It’s fast, simple and transparent, and built with privacy and data security at its core.

This automation of the data buying and selling process is similar to the advent of programmatic advertising, a decade ago, which automated the media buying and selling process (programmatic advertising is estimated to represent 65% of digital media in 2019.).

The Glasswing team was drawn to Narrative as they present a massive opportunity to create a new category in the market for external data, one that according to Transparency Market Research is projected to reach $709B by 2025. The company is already gaining momentum, with a base of more than 50 buyers and suppliers on the platform including well known, data savvy brands.

Founder and CEO, Nick Jordan is a data pioneer who led development of automation at companies that drove waves of change in the digital advertising market – such as Yahoo!, a first mover in programmatic advertising, Demdex, one of the first DMP’s (data management platforms) and Tapad, a leading innovator in mobile cross device data targeting. Narrative’s entire management team has extensive experience with programmatic advertising and data and analytics which can be applied beyond the advertising and marketing sector, wherever data is bought and sold.

We look forward to joining the Narrative team on what promises to be a rewarding journey along with our investment partners, XSeed, Tuhaye Partners, and Revel Partners.

You can read more about Narrative in this TechCrunch interview with Nick Jordan, CEO.