The Glasswing journey and our debut fund of $112M

By the Glasswing Ventures Team

We are excited to announce the launch of Glasswing’s debut $112M fund. With this fund, we are investing in early stage AI and complementary frontier technology startups that are enabling the rise of the intelligent enterprise. We are laser-focused on funding exceptional entrepreneurs who are leading the AI revolution, capitalizing on the intellectual might and talent from the premier academic institutions on the East Coast, and fostering growth for our ecosystem.

We founded Glasswing with the goal of empowering the most promising startup founders to achieve their vision through more than smart capital. Individually, our team members have tremendous experience in the emerging technology, enterprise, and cybersecurity fields, but our collective excitement and passion for leveraging these innovations for broader transformation is what drives Glasswing. And our platform is larger than our immediate team. It extends to our advisory councils, comprised of outstanding experts and successful entrepreneurs in enterprise and cybersecurity, AI visionaries, and Fortune 500 executives who work exclusively with Glasswing to help our portfolio companies across enterprise and cybersecurity markets.

One of the key tenets of Glasswing is our shared belief in the power of entrepreneurship and the transformational role of startup founders. Technology entrepreneurs have always been the engine of new disruption waves. Their ability to imagine a different and better future and then assemble a unique, yet complementary team to build scalable solutions will always be the core driver of economic and social growth. That is why we are so passionate about technology and innovation and it is why we believe in the transformational role we play in supporting the ecosystem. Whether we are helping our portfolio companies build the best teams, acquire their first customers or brainstorm about strategic opportunities, or scale their operations, we are there for our founders and CEOs in the good times and the bad times on their journey to success.

As we invest in early stage AI-powered companies for the enterprise and cybersecurity markets, we believe there is no better place than the East Coast. We are at the epicenter of leading academic institutions, of the strongest domain expertise in AI, enterprise and cybersecurity, and of fearless visionaries who are pushing the boundaries of what is possible. That is why we believe that the East Coast is the right ecosystem to make the AI wave of disruption a reality, leveraging data to fundamentally change how we interact with technology and unleash human potential through intelligent platforms.

We are proud to have strong institutional LPs that have entrusted us with their capital, and are thankful to our portfolio companies, our Council members for being part of the Glasswing platform and Avec Capital* for their tireless dedication to bringing our vision to reality. We look forward to continuing to invest in more of the best and brightest entrepreneurs and leaders. Today marks only the beginning.

*Securities offered through XT Capital Partners LLC