Glasswing Ventures Expands its Advisory Reach with the Protect Council, a World-Class Team
 of Security Experts

By Rick Grinnell, Managing Partner, Glasswing Ventures

With the advent of any new technology comes a rush of unforeseen security concerns, challenging the best and brightest in the industry to protect businesses and consumers with innovative and agile solutions at lightning speed. Nowhere is this more applicable than in the disruptive field of Artificial Intelligence. Here at Glasswing Ventures, leveraging our collective experience, we have accrued nearly twenty years in building trusted relationships with the world’s foremost security experts. Today we are proud to announce their participation in our second exclusive advisory council – the Protect Council.

The Protect Council, an expansion of our Catalysts of Ingenuity initiative launched last November, provides Glasswing with a holistic view of the ever-evolving security landscape, helping us invest in and build the most successful AI-powered security companies in the market. Today we’re proud to announce the founding eight distinguished advisors in our Protect Council. These experts’ collective insights will help to strengthen our portfolio companies, empower our founders, and extend our reach, sourcing the opportunities we need in order to deliver on our goal of fostering the most vibrant AI startup ecosystem on the East Coast.

The founding eight Protect Council members are:

This passionate group of security company founders, CEOs, CSOs, marketing and sales gurus, and renowned technologists bring their incredibly diverse experience, intellectual curiosity and problem solving acumen to us -- helping differentiate the Glasswing platform, and expand our value proposition.

We look forward to working with them closely and are so grateful they’ve chosen to share their counsel, vision and expertise with Glasswing’s portfolio of companies, helping power the safety and security of the AI revolution.

Learn more about our Catalysts of Ingenuity here: Glasswing Ventures Connect Council and Protect Council