Announcing Glasswing Ventures’ Advisory Councils: Our Catalysts of Ingenuity

By Rudina Seseri, Managing Partner, Glasswing Ventures

Artificial Intelligence has been at the forefront of tech innovation for some time, but 2017 has been the year in which it has truly taken center stage. Here at Glasswing Ventures, we are proud to be at the epicenter of this change.

Every new disruption wave brings different platforms, applications and delivery models, which connect and protect businesses and consumers in innovative ways. In an era of pervasive connectivity, AI is core to this revolution, and startups are becoming major value creators.  We’ve coined the term Intelligent Connect & Protect™ to reflect this opportunity and our investment strategy. Our goal is to invest in the best and brightest founders, and to help build transformational companies that leverage AI to enable and secure the world, while fostering an ever more vibrant AI startup ecosystem on the East Coast.

Key to attaining this goal is our advisory councils, composed of 40 world-renowned visionaries who have extensive experience across AI, academia, startups and Fortune 500 companies. They are the catalysts in extending our reach, supporting our portfolio companies and advising us, and helping Glasswing become a cornerstone of the AI ecosystem. They also play a pivotal role in helping bring AI to its full potential in the broader ecosystem and society at large.

Not just big names, not just faces on a website

To be truly valuable, advisory council members need to be intellectually challenging and actively involved. Our council members are a resource for candid views and discussions about new technology trends, opportunities and talent in AI.  We won’t agree all of the time -- and that’s exactly what we hope for. In fact, it’s beautiful when we brainstorm together, as that is when the best outcomes emerge. Our portfolio startups, and many more in the ecosystem, will be able to benefit first-hand from these brainstorms and the brilliance and experience of our advisors.

We have a symbiotic relationship with our advisory council members. They enhance the value we add to founders and companies, well beyond smart capital. At the same time, through their affiliation with Glasswing, they are part of a platform that is developing and shaping the next generation of AI leaders and technology companies. It is because of this mutually beneficial dynamic that our advisors work with us on an exclusive basis.

Connect Council

Today, we are announcing our first of our advisory councils – the Connect Council. The Connect Council supports new platforms, channels and enabling technologies that leverage AI to better understand consumer preferences and create experiences that redefine how consumers and enterprises connect with each other.

Our Connect Council has two working groups – the AI & Academic Group, which includes industry luminaries renowned in AI and academia, and the Business Leadership Group, consisting of distinguished business executives. We are proud to announce the members of our AI & Academic Group: 

These extraordinary individuals have been lending their support to us since the founding of Glasswing over 18 months ago.  We are grateful for their counsel, vision and expertise and delighted to share the news about our catalysts of ingenuity, as they help to power Glasswing and the AI revolution.

Learn more about our Catalysts of Ingenuity here: Glasswing Ventures Connect Council